Kiełbasa krakowska sucha staropolska Stg

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Kiełbasa krakowska sucha staropolska is a dried, coarsely ground sausage. It appears in the form of a typical cylindrical sausage of around 300 mm in length, or in portions thereof, within a natural or protein casing of 50 to 70 mm in diameter, which is evenly wrinkled and has a dark brown outer colour typical of smoked products. The surface of the sausage is shiny, slightly wrinkled and dry to the touch. The ends of pieces are tied or stapled together.

La kiełbasa krakowska sucha staropolska è una salsiccia essiccata a grana grossa. Si presenta nella tipica forma cilindrica di una salsiccia della lunghezza di circa 300 mm, oppure a fette, con un budello naturale o in collagene del diametro di 50-70 mm.

Stg Kiełbasa krakowska sucha staropolska Pl



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